Saturday Live (again!)

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I was back on Saturday Live this week. I’m normally there every 6 weeks or so but Kate Fox was trapped out in Spain due to the volcanic ash cloud so they asked me to fill in.

I think it was my favourite of all the shows I’ve done over the past two years. The studio guest was Alvin Stardust, who is a delightful fellow. He was a perfect guest, full of warm, witty anecdotes. The featured interview was also a cracker. I wrote my longer poem about one of the short features, a “guerilla” report about Gang Shows, am dram productions put on by the Scouts. As Saturday Live poems go, it’s one of favourite ones.

Volacanic Ash Triolet

I’m owed some compensation
now there’s no more ash.
It ruined my vacation.
I’m owed some compensation.
Imagine my frustration
so now I want some cash.
I’m owed some compensation
I think I’ll sue the ash.

All The World’s A Scout Hut …

Meet the gang cos the boys are here
young entertainment engineers
toggle up to the end of the pier.
Cheer. It’s the Gang Show.

From Basingstoke to Hull and back
swap neckerchiefs for silk cravats
get glitter on your campaign hat.
Clap! It’s the Gang Show.

Sketches, skits and ukuleles
am dram vignettes, songs and caleighs –
Bums on seats for a good turn daily.
Hail thee! It’s the Gang Show.

From singer’s lungs and playwright’s nibs
comes cabaret so gay and glib
half Isherwood half dib dib dib.
Ad-lib. It’s the Gang Show.

Making fires then playing the spoons
on Gilbert and Sullivan afternoons.
Who says Woodcraft have all the best tunes?
Swoon. It’s the Gang Show.

There’s silver on the scarlet scarf.
There’s magic in a theatre mask.
There’s beauty in a young man’s laugh.
Bask in the Gang Show.

Across the world these fresh faced teens
do duty to their God and Queen.
Be prepared and keep it clean.
Supreme. It’s the Gang Show

2 thoughts on “Saturday Live (again!)

  1. Thanks Luke,

    Your Poem was just the icing on the cake for me.

    I thought the way that Simon and Laura had put my

    piece together was just so good and showed the

    Production values for the Show.

    Your Poem must be one of the only ones on the

    subject of Gang Shows.

    Stay Healthy Luke.


  2. The poem about gang shows is a treat: my sister used to be in them and I spent many Saturday evenings of my childhood in Southend’s Palace Theatre at those things with a box of Fruit Pastilles.
    When Sundown did the Arts Council project we commissioned Liz Bentley to write a poem about what inspired her and she chose Ralph Reader/Gang Shows – there really aren’t enough poems about them if you ask me…

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