Joel Stickley & Luke Wright Practice Being Spontaneous #1

Joel Stickley and I are doing a weekly podcast called: Luke Wright & Joel Stickley Practice Being Spontaneous. Catchy title, huh?

This week we discuss scrobbling, Jade Goody, Parkinson, Essex, Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, Charlton Heston, the BBC News “Most Read” section, dead air and self-loathing.

Hopefully we’ll get a bit slicker as time goes on. Hopefully.

Listen here. Or subscribe to the rss feed. We’ll be up on iTunes soon, I’ll post the link here.


4 thoughts on “Joel Stickley & Luke Wright Practice Being Spontaneous #1

  1. Ha ha… good stuff. More!

    Robert Stack was one of my boyhood heroes, starring, as he did, as Eliot Ness in the endless US TV series The Untouchables. He had a square-jawed appeal due mainly to his square jaw. At the age of twelve I remember wondering whether that would make his head stackable with (presumably) his brothers and other family members. Robert Stack, aka Mr Tessilation.

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