Fred The Shred

BBC World Service have just been in touch to see if I’d write them a little piece about Fred Goodwin losing his knighthood. I penned the following:

A Poem for Fred Goodwin

So Toodle pip then Fred the Shred
a nation’s anger on your head
there’s many out there want you dead,
they took away your gong instead.

Your friends have claimed it quite unfair
A scapegoat for the whole affair!
They blame the mess on Brown and Blair
and though I think they’re half right there

someone’s got to be the first
and with our fury fit to burst
and pension pots unreimbursed
well, frankly Fred you looked the worst.

But come on fellah, dry your tears
you’ve still 400k a year
while angry kids who stole sports gear
got punishments far more severe

and lost the lot, their freedom, homes
these lads whose lives are monochrome
and have to throw their sticks and stones
’cause they’ve no voice to call their own.

Don’t panic Fred, there’s nothing changed
the order’s not been rearranged
the way of things is much the same
it’s only you that’s out the game

and even that was all for show
a gesture so the press can crow
a tabloid sacrifice and lo
we get to keep the status quo.

2 thoughts on “Fred The Shred

  1. So, Fred, you are no more a knight
    which pays you back for being a shite
    although you were a Paisley chiel
    like the famous Andrew Neill
    both of you Scotsmen on the make
    and chippy while you were on the take
    the bourgeoisie is still in charge
    they scapegoat you and still live large

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