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What-oh faithful reader! I’m writing this on our sofa with my week old son lying on a cushion next to me. I’m so cripplingly knackered I’m not even going to bother trying to describe it. Enough to say he’s a little champ and we’re all very happy here, even his big brother, for whom the experience will mean less of everything, poor little guy.

I’ve been keeping in touch with the outside world mostly via Soundcloud. I’ve posted a few new pieces recently, go on have a listen …

I also have some fun tour dates coming up. Check out gigs. I’m especially looking forward to hooking up with my old mate Ross Sutherland on 10th March for a special gig back in Colchester as part of Essex Book Festival.

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    1. I’m not sure how the theatre handled this … they had only sold 4 tickets and refused to pay me a fee, so we took the decision to cancel it. I had hoped they would be conatcting ticket holders in advance. I’m sorry if you had a wasted journey.

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