A Poem for Andrea Hill

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Andrea Hill is the Chief Executive of Suffolk County Council. She’s been all over the papers this weekend. People are rightly up in arms about her. This is my two cents worth:

A Poem for Andrea Hill

Ms Andrea Hill, Ms Andrea Hill
your Photoshopped press shots are making me ill
and though we must pay your photographer’s bill
we have to applaud his considerable skill.

The last time we saw you your eyes were like ice
your mouth like a festering stab wound, not nice
insisting you keep your extortionate fees
while parts of your county are brought to its knees.

Ms Andrea Hill, Ms Andrea Hill
in under five years you will cost us a mill.
The public purse empties as your pockets fill,
the benefactor of the welfare state’s will.

Ms Andrea Hill, take heed of this lesson:
that doing a rubbish Claire Rayner impression
will never make up for the spoils of recession
we cannot believe your lack of discretion.

Ms Andrea Hill, the people of Suffolk
have seen your PR and they want you to stuff it
they’re still licking wounds from this right-wing insanity
they take little comfort from your doe-eyed vanity.

9 thoughts on “A Poem for Andrea Hill

  1. Noone else has commented on the homage to John Betjeman so I will – it is such a good choice. I think the poem is brilliant

  2. I like to think I can write poetry but I can’t beat that – fantastic. Should we do more verses?

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