Winning with sleep

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I’ve been inspired by Bryony Kimmings’ excellent and funny blog to write mine more frequently. And while we’re on the subject on Ms. Kimmings, I heartily recommend her show 7 Day Drunk. Fuck me, that was a fun show. Me and John Osborne had a mosh with Anthony Roberts down the front. I was about 30 seconds off gobbling and shouting “Oi” when it came to an end. Great, great fun and really interesting too. Kind of makes a mockery of the rest of us, why aren’t my shows that fun?

Edinburgh is still going well. I had a really nice show yesterday. I felt like I had to work for it much harder than previous shows, but that was exactly what I needed. There was a man and his two teenage kids down the front who looked like they’d been dragged there, but by the end they were singing along. Proper cheered my heart that did.

I had five reviewers in yesterday so hopefully I’ll getting a few more critical responses to the show over the weekend. I’m nervous about them as always. I know that a lacklustre one will piss on my parade a bit, and quite frankly I like my parade right now. I’m having fun and what’s more, I think I deserve to. I’ve worked my arse off on this show and I had some real setbacks earlier in the year with it. I realise I am massively tempting fate (though I don’t believe in fate) but I feel like Edinburgh will be my pay back. Ah, well, we’ll see if I’m still saying that when I have a clutch of 2 star reviews and I’ve been kicked shitless outside a chippy.

Anyway, I reckon the main reason for my chipper mood, and indeed the reason I’ve bothered blogging is that I had an early night last night. Hurrah for sleep! I also jointly won the Aisle16 R Kool vote last night (each night during our Aisle16 show we get the audience to vote for who they think is coolest) I’m now winning by 2.5 to Tim’s 2 and John’s 1.5. I didn’t think I would win a single one, being so repugnant on stage and all, so I’ll take that.

Anyway, I’m onto my 8th show of CB today, so we’re truly underway. Ever-lasting stardom – here we come.

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