Totally Wired …

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Me and John Osborne went to The Birdcage in Norwich last night and listened to The Fall. Our mate Dave Guttridge, otherwise known as DJ78 dj-ed an entire night of The Fall on vinyl. Highlights included New Big Prinze, Telephone Thing, How I Wrote Elastic Man and Cruisers Creek. Jozzers and I drank five pints of Abbot in 2 hours and had to go home. I listened to The Gorillaz on my way home and got excited about Kids With Guns.

Some businesses I’d like to open:

Sew Fucking What! – Punk haberdashers

April Is The Cruellest Month … – Accountants specialising in representing literary authors

Sell (tr)Out – Celebrity fishmongers.

OK, I’ll stop now…

oh, and John has a blog now

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