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Yesterday I went on The Verb, a weekly show about writing and language on Radio 3 presented by the bard of Barnsley Ian McMillan. It’s always a treat to chat to Ian, a true professional and excellent radio presenter. Also on the show was my good friend Joe Dunthorne talking about his novel Submarine, which continues to get amazing reviews in all the right places. We were joined by first time novelist Ross Raisin, Hungarian novelist Peter Zilahy, who’s novel The Last Window Giraffe has just been translated into English, and singer-songwriter who was amazing but whose name I can’t for the life of me remember.(sorry!)

The show was really good fun and I think it will make good listening, you can catch it Friday 14 March at 21.45pm on Radio 3. So pretty much when I’m on stage in London!

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  1. Alela, I’m so sorry. I was typing in Alelia, Leila, Alayla etc into google in the hope that I might find you. Great songs. I shall buy the album, enjoy the UK. xx

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