The Verb

Not long ago I was a gen-u-ine confirmed bleeding-edge, wonky fringed, Hoxtonite plonker carving ‘only joking’ into my forearm wearing a visor and listening to Duran Duran. Now I wear suits, change nappies and listen primarily to Radio 3. The change in four short years would be phenomenal if it were not such a lung-caving-in cliche.

So naturally the thought of going on BBC Radio 3 fills me with much excitement. Not only Radio 3, but on The Verb – the excellent show about language and literature hosted by that stalwart of the live poetry scene Ian McMillan. Hurrah. Better yet, the show I’m doing (on 29th January) is in front of a live audience, which is make it all more exciting. If you fancy coming down, the tickets are free from the BBC.

Better yet, why not come and see my show at The Old Red Lion first and leap straight into a taxi afterwards. Maybe we could share a ride?

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