The Toll is coming!

Posted by lukewrightpoet Category: Diary Entries

thetoll_cover_highres_finalWow! My second poetry collection has finally been sent to print. Eek! There are 34 poems, selected from over 80, which date from late 2012, just before Mondeo Man came out. While I have been working on this book, both of my children started school and my marriage ended; in the wider world, the world has seen war in Syria, Brexit in Britain, and Trump in the USA. I won’t claim I’ve made a document of our time, or anything  grandiose like that. It is an honest reflection of what it is like to be a (old) millennial, trying his best to cope with life at this moment in history.

The book is a mix of the personal, the political, and the strange. There are some surreal moments, comic touches, a bucket load of pathos, and some downright heartbreaking final lines. It’s the best I could do, I hope you like it.


And catch live show on tour all year.