The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright

My new show will be called The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright. The theme is ego; it’s about me getting over myself and preparing for more important things in life. This summer my wife and I are expecting our first child and it’s suddenly struck me that there may be more to life than standing naked in front of a full length mirror and weeping at my own statuesque beauty.OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but we’re not far off.

The show picks up from the last two, whereas characters like Darryl were from my teenage years, I’ll be introducing you to people I met once I got to London and began desperately trying to seek my fortune. The show will take some of my terrible teen poetry, my days on the London open mic scene and my current ghostly lifestyle of going from Travelodge to Travelodge in my Mondeo.

It’s strange writing this kind of show, trying to piece together a narrative, a story, from the last two years of my life. I do guinely fee there’s been a change. My ambition, my professional jelousy used to make me sick. I’m learning to yearn less and do more. It’s not easy. Writing is a tricky vocation at times. As I joke in ‘A Poet’s Work Is Never Done,’ our work is never complete. There’s an infinite amount of things to write about. Talking of which, the show is nowhere near finished yet, and I have my first preview in late April. There’s a fuck of a lot still to do. What doesn’t help is that I’m not sure I’m going to include the last four poems I’ve spent ages writing. All the poems need to be on topic and most of what I’ve been writing just isn’t. At the moment I feel tired and depressed, it’s Sunday evening and I haven’t started my Homework.

Still, there’s no time like the present and the education projects I’ve been doing have eased off a bit. I’ll be posting up the stories and poems as I get them down on paper. Watch this space.

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