The Bed

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This summer I’ver had the pleasure of working with the talented film-maker Toby Paton. He asked me to write and narrate a script to his documentary The Bed, which is about an accident and emergency trolley.

The documentary gets its world premiere on Channel 4 tomorrow night – that’s Friday 6 August at 7.30pm. I’d be chuffed if you could tune in.

Sadly I can’t watch it myself as I am away from Britain. I’m on holiday actually, my first in five years. My wife, son and I are camping around France. We have 29c temperatures planned for later in the week, which will make a nice change from the drizzle of Edinburgh I’ve endured these past eight Augusts. That said, some of my thoughts are in Edinburgh this week as three of my very good poetry friends start their debut fringe runs. Good luck to Tim Clare, Molly Naylor and of course Ross Sutherland, who first came to the fringe with me in 2002 when Aisle16 made their Auld Reeky debut. All of their shows are ace and if you are up north this month I really recommend you checking them out.

Right, I’m off to struggle with guy ropes. Have fun.

2 thoughts on “The Bed

  1. Luke, really enjoyed the channel 4 programme and your script. Well done, It’s a great series of documentaries, Nearly finished my novel! keep up the good work.

  2. I work in an emergency department in the south and just wanted to say i think your documentary was wonderful. it poiniance was inspiring. i would love a copy of the narration to put up in our staff room with your permission.



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