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G Apostrophe Day Cobbers

I’m in Sydney. I’ve touched the Opera House, drank a can of Mother (Australian Relentless) in the Botanical Gardens and got bored and depressed by tat in Paddy’s Markets. I’ve done a really fun gig at The Clubhouse, hosted by the lovely folk of the Red Room Company. I’ve drank lovely coffee. I’ve seen a cardboard cut-out of my favourite comedian in a Virgin Mobile store, Paul Foot’s Lost in Translation moment as Robin Da Hood, I haven’t’ seen the adverts but I reckoned he’ll have done a good job of them. Even though, Robin Da Hood, really??!! Hmm, what else have I done? Skyped with my two year old son who got frustrated he couldn’t cuddle the computer. I’ve had a bit of a homesick cry, eaten great sushi, sat in the park and marvelled at the sun, and quipped with Tim Clare to the point of Hannah Jane Walker having to leave the room. So mostly good fun, especially the quipping.

We’re back orf to Melbourne tomorrow for the Overload Poetry Festival this weekend. I like Sydney, but I much prefer Melbourne, which ranks up there with Prague and Edinburgh as the best cities I’ve been to. I’d live there, if I didn’t already live in the best place in the world – namely Bungay in North Suffolk. I’m missing the homestead – the water meadows, the Green Dragon, the print works and common, but most of all my lovely terraced house and long, rickety garden, my wife and my son. Adventures are great, but you need to come home again.

I’m listening to The Cure, which perhaps explains why I’m being all gooey and nostalgic, The Cure makes me all fluttery and like I’m in a film. Here are 3 Cure facts:

1) The Cure are from Crawley. FACT.
2) I’ve eaten a Pizza Hut alone in Crawley, it was lush. FACT.
3) Daisy Goodwin named ‘Just Like Heaven’ as her ‘Inheritance Track’ on Saturday Live but only because she turned me during a break and said: “what’s a Cure track, I want to say a Cure track.” And the only one that sprang to mind under pressure was “Just Like Heaven.” I should have said “10.15 Saturday Night” that would have made us both sound cool. Or better yet made one up that was an innuendo. Tee-hee-hee. FACT.

Um …. I don’t have a lot to say for myself, can you tell? Our apartment is on 30th floor, which is great, it makes me feel American. It makes me think of Rob Lowe in Wayne’s World: “it costs a lot to live this free.” Everytime we go onto our balcony I have to resist saying, “hey Cassandra, y’know from this height … you can could really hock a loogie on someone.” I don’t think I have ever loved a film as much as I love Wayne’s World. It makes Citizen Kane look like the shit it is.

Right I’m going to the lobby to post this …

and the tap drips … drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip …

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