The second of the personal shows, Petty Concerns debuted in the summer of 2009 with a full run at The Underbelly at The Edinburgh Fringe. It was a disappointing run, the show was well received but I didn’t sell as many tickets as I wanted, probably because it didn’t get enough reviews to build up good word of mouth. It did much better in London in January 2010 and I continued to tour it through 2010. I think this show had my best jokes and routines in it – the cricket commentator’s dissing of me and the critical breakdown of one of my teenage poems would make it into a ‘best of’ set. Poem wise, it was weaker – my favourite poem in the show Luke’s Got a Joke only worked 60% of the time, which isn’t good enough. Still, I learned a lot and I think there was a real narrative arc over the whole show that is as good as any I’ve done since.


How did the desire to be adored by millions turn into an ego trip?

Set against a backdrop of grotty Travelodges and open mic London as Luke Wright tackles ego, ambition and humility in a fast-paced and hilarious hour. Featuring some nipple-tweekingly awful teenage lyrics; sarcastic cricket commentators and the death of a very tight pair of jeans. Luke effortlessly mixes comedy and poetry as he tries to look past his own inflated ego and find out what really matters.


“Luke Wright’s poems hit their mark with pinpoint precision.” TIME OUT – CRITICS’ CHOICE (27 Jan – 02 Feb 2010)

“Ripe for discovery and mass adulation.” * * * * The Mail on Sunday

“Beautifully constructed turns of phrase.” The Londonist

“These performances are slippery things, blending anecdotal stand-up with ferociously paced, fervent poetry.” The Independent

“The poetry is woven into the stories in such a way that it borders on stand up comedy and he leaps from topic to topic with such confidence that the one hour show seems much, much shorter.” British Theatre Guide

“There’s a lot of humour in these stories but it’s the sense of him coming to terms with the man he’s become, a new father, a Mondeo driver, that makes the greatest impact, that makes this show really compelling.” MusicOMH

“And this is no mumbled abashed poetry reading: Wright is a consummate performer, there’s a rhythm and a pulse that’s almost musical in his delivery, which gives it a breathless, zingy energy. The poetry/stand up combo, which might not sound entirely promising, turns out to be a winning formula, and ensures Wright’s concerns don’t feel too petty at all.” Spoonfed

“Menace, joy and outstandingly crisp wordplay from the consistently underrated performance poet.” * * * * The List

“Positively life enhancing as well as hilarious … witty, occasionally even profound stuff here.” Bruce Dessau, The Evening Standard.

“It was an absolute thrill to witness poetry delivered with such vitality and originality. His poetry is humorous and witty with a clear finger on the pulse of the nation.” * * * * * Allthefestivals.com

“The self-lacerating humour is truly hilarious, particularly when he artfully deconstructs an artless poem that he wrote when he was 15.” * * * * Fest

“Very funny but also genuinely self-reflective and questioning.” MusicOMH

“This is one of his strongest shows to date – witty, inventive and, at times, quite raw.” The Stage