Rested, Nominated, Slept

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I didn’t write yesterday for ’twas my day off and nothing really turned out as I had planned. I was planning on getting some junk food from Sainsbury’s and some DVDs from Fopp and lying in my own filth for about 14 hours, before falling asleep in my own filth for another 12. Instead there were various crises that needed sorting, which included a trip to The Royal Infirmary and two visits to McDonalds. Nevertheless it was an interesting day and I spent it with good friends. On reflection it’s probably best that I didn’t just watch DVDs on my own, as when I did finally settle down to do so it was fucking dull. Note to self: just because Alec Baldwin in the funniest man in the world when he’s on 30Rock, doesn’t mean you should watch rom-coms with him in.

I was, of course, pretty tired from our Arthur’s Seat climbing exploits the night before. A gaggle of poets, producers and PRs made the journey at about 2am. We were too cold to stay up until the sun rose, but we did sing a rousing chorus of Mr Silly-Bum in honour of the absent Tim Clare. All good fun, and a fine addition to my numerous journeys up the wondrous hill.

Now, three small boasts.

1. I was nominated (shortlist of ten) for The Amused Moose Comedy Award. This is given to the best ‘comedy’ show at Edinburgh. The winner gets a DVD deal and £5,000, so it’s not to be sniffed at. Fellow nominees included Tony Law and The Beta Males. The showcase in on Friday, winner announced next week.

2. I got a lovely 4 star review from Tom Chivers at Hand + Star. He described the ballads as “they are masterpieces of energetic word-craft.”  Which was nice.

3. I got a nice 4 star review from The Telegraph too: “a zestful relish for pump-action word-play combines with a thoughtful and deeply felt understanding of just how messed-up Britain is today, whether it’s celebrity-worship, elitist politicians or hellish anti-social behaviour. Thoroughly recommended.”


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  1. You really deserve 5 star reviews after the performance you gave yesterday! Thank you for giving us the highlight of our Fringe visit. (And we are very picky!)

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