One more before we rest

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Today is my last day of shows before my day off. I’ve been wise to arrange for both of my shows to break at the same point. Tomorrow will require nothing from me what so ever. Though I have promised half of Edinburgh’s comedy elite that I’ll ‘come and see them on my day off.’

I’ve jailbroken my iphone so I can now do things like Skype and Facetime over 3G. This means I have been able to lay eyes on my wife and son again. Yesterday was pretty emotional when I did it for the first time. Aidan seemed pretty bewildered to see me and kept saying ‘cuddle, cuddle,’ I’ve never felt more useless. But I’m keeping my chin up, they arrive on Friday for a few days so we’ll be able to spend plenty of quality time together.

I’ve got to toughen up anyway, I have an equally busy September with trips to Australia and China ahead. Not to mention Wales for a week in October and ten days on the Isle of Man in November.

No more press to boast of at the moment. However, I did sell out again yesterday. Fingers crossed we can do the same today and go into the break on the back of three sell out shows.

Christ, I’m so boring. I think I’ll go and brush my teeth.

ps – I won the cool vote lat night. STANDINGS: Tim – 4 | Luke – 3.5 | John 2.5

pps – Tonight we climb Arthur’s Seat, this may be the last you hear from me.

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