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Greeting blogging faithful. I’ll be on Newsnight Review this evening at 11pm on BBC2. I’m one of the panelists reviewing and discussing a whole range of poetry related books, TV programmes, performances and ideas. The other panelists are Simon Armitage and Josephine Hart, so I’ll have my work cut out for me. I’ll be honest I’m a tad nervous. I never enjoy doing TV. Or rather, I like being asked, but when I get there I can never sit right and I look all pasty and weird. And I stutter. My agents must be so proud.

I do have a lot to say on the subjects we’ll be discussing however. Poetry’s image problem is a subject I’ve talked about plenty of times before; as is the delivery of verse; I’m also have an opinion on poetry and politics, which I believe we’re leading off with tonight. Opinions aren’t the problem though. My stupid fat Jamie-Oliver-esque tongue is. Still, I shall breath deeply and just try my best.

To add to my concerns, we’re expecting our baby on Monday. So we’re dangerously close to B-Day. I wasn’t planning on being away at all at this time, but the Newsnight thing was sprung on me and I didn’t really want to miss out. It’s not often (ever) that someone wants my opinion on the telly box. It probably won’t happen again, so best make the most of it.

Then once the tellying is done I can sit back and enjoy being a father. Well, I think “sit back” might be a bit optimistic.

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