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There’s loads I want to say but I have to go and do a gig at a school.

In short the show is going well. I’m enjoying performing and I’m getting a goo response. I had a really nice review in Metro yesterday, which you Londoners might have seen. I also got this one from The Londonist. Numbers are picking up and I think we’re going to have a relatively busy weekend.

In other news it was my birthday yesterday, I’m now 28. I feel older. I still look much younger. My wife says I’ll look better when i get a bit older, a bit gnarled, grizzly, but I think I’ll still look like a child. Just, a rotting child. Nice.

One thought on “More reviews

  1. Hi Luke,

    You’re probably aware already, but just in case you aren’t – there was a review in Metro (I think it was in either last Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s edition).

    When I get paid next month I’m buying your book.

    Good luck, and best wishes,


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