Melbourne Part Two

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Having a bloody great time in Melbourne. It’s a brilliant, exciting city. It’s just been voted the most liveable city in the world and I can see why. I would say that after Norwich it probably (Norwich, you will always be my favourite city).

I did Cynical Ballads last night at The Toff in Town to a 100-odd punters. It felt great. Turns out I’ve missed it.

I’ve spent the morning working at The Wheeler Centre, a kind of hub for literature resources and literary agencies and NGOs. I got some good work done for Nasty Little Press. I’m preparing pamphlets by Elvis McGonagall and Nic Aubury. Both will be in physical form around November time. Plus an Intro from Lizzy Dening and perhaps another ‘show’ book – more on that later.

I’m currently on one of Melbourne’s excellent trams heading to meet my brother. It’s his birthday today and he’s traveled down from Brisbane where he lives. We’re going to play crazy golf and eat steak. Win.

Tomorrow we head to Sydney for a gig. I’ve been asked how one can get tickets for our Sydney gig, I’m not currently sure, but they will be available on the door. So if you’re unsure just turn up.

Right, steak time. See ya.

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