Melbourne Part Three

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Oh Lordy. I’ve been a long time away now. I feel like I’ve been a lovely hot bath for 6 weeks, and sure, why wouldn’t you want to be in a hot bath? It’s great, it’s relaxing, you’re not having to face the realities of life, but y’know after a while you want to get out and get on with things, even if it means having to do a tax return or change a nappy. I miss my family. I miss taking the rubbish out. I miss washing up. I miss driving my wife places when bus doesn’t come. I miss ringing Yanny Mac and talking about nothing to distract him from his cleaning. I miss cooking. I miss normality.

We leave here on Monday night and we’re back to dear old Blighty on Tuesday afternoon. I then have a week at home (punctuated by two gigs – one with brilliant Byron Vincent in Diss and another of Cynical Ballads at the Soho Theatre in London) before heading off to China for more hotels and international poetry readings. I’m not moaning blog faithful, I’m not. It’s brilliantly exciting. I just don’t want to loose my mind in all of this.

Some good news: The boffins at The British Comedy Guide have been syndicating all the reviews from Edinburgh and have placed Cynical Ballads in their top 25 best reviewed shows of the WHOLE FRINGE. In fact, having looked through the list (which is unordered) me thinks I would have been in the top five of that. I know it’s not pleasant to boast. But what else is a blog for. I was FUCKING CHUFFED with that.

I’ve done a couple of gigs for The Overload Poetry Festival this weekend. The good folk at Overload have made us feel very welcome. I especially enjoyed hearing Geoff Lemon. He’s a top bloke too. We have one more gig tonight. Hannah, Tim and I doing 30 mins each at The Wheeler Centre. That’ll be an excellent end to our trip. Then we have plane food to look forward to. Yay!

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