Melbourne Part Four: Goodbye to Melbourne

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We’re back home today. We did our final performance for Overload Festival last night. It was at The Wheeler Centre and was perhaps my favourite of the gigs we’re done. The audience were really responsive and they even went for Jean Claude Gendarme. My brother said he wasn’t sure if the ‘Allo ‘Allo reference would work in Australia but I reckon it worked even better than at home.

We did The Poetry Take-Away at The Rose Lane Artist’s Market yesterday afternoon and walking through the streets of Fitzroy afterwards I had that falling in love moment with Melbourne. I’d love to spend some more time here. There’s even a part of me that wants to pack the family up and move here for a few years. It’s an exciting, intelligent, artistic and beautiful city. I feel very lucky have been give this opportunity to spend some time here. Many thanks to Writers’ Centre Norwich for organising this trip, to Melbourne Writers’ Festival for hosting us, to The Red Room in Sydney and to The Overload Festival for the three gigs we have done with them this weekend. Blight here we come.

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