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I didn’t win The Amused Moose Laughter Award, but I do have a shiny Runners-Up trophy on my Edinburgh mantlepiece. I’ll take that. Not bad for a poet in a comedy competition. Part of my prize involves a showcase gig at The Soho Theatre in London on Monday 19th September, so look out for that.

The reviews continue to go well. In the last three days Aisle16 R Kool! Has picked two 4 stars and one five star review. The fours were from Fest and The Scotsman and the five from Threeweeks.

My family have been up since Friday so I’ve shied away from the late night festival shenanigans, but I’ll be doing my duty to Bottle and Fag once they’ve gone back home tomorrow. Plus I have my trip to Melbourne to think about. I leave on Monday 29th, so I have precisely 4 hours at home post Edinburgh. Eek!

Anyway, this city continues to be beautiful and relentless and incredible. Love it.

One thought on “LOSER!

  1. I felt your cynical ballad poetry evoked a variety of more emotion than most of the comedy shows I saw up in Edinburgh this week…I think that’s why yours was so stunning. It represented life so accurately – addressing everyday feelings and thoughts that sometimes got a bit dark, especially the ballad about the story in the news along that snakey street with the car and the fire and the screaming, but you always managed to bring the show back round to something similar to comedy…but more a light heartedness…like the way people cope with the really dark things in everyday life. I think. I don’t know now…I’m not sure if I’m expressing my thoughts in the most accurate way or if this relates to you not entirely winning that prize thing in your post or what…this just felt like a convinient way to express this thought that I didn’t really end up expressing too well…

    It was beautiful.

    That’ll do :’)
    Oh and I’m definitely looking forward to your show in Soho Theatre – hope you continue with these style of shows and prgress, develop etc.

    They really are quite thought provoking (:

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