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I leave to go to Sydney in about 2 hours. In the meantime I have to finish off the bottle of Cooper’s Pale Ale I bought on the first day. Yum, beer for breakfast. Don’t worry though, I also have the finish off the coffee, so they’ll probably just cancel each other out. Either that or I’ll be slurring really fast.

The gig last night was cool. I don’t think I gave the best performance of Poet & Man in the my life. The link into Sofa was messy and not quite timed right. Nothing went badly though. Audience response was great and went with everything. I did do Mimms and it went well. I put Sex Butler in to link seven and it got a really good response.

Kerry Heysen and His Excellency The Governor of South Australia were there to watch and apparently they enjoyed themselves, which is nice. After the gig I had a huge queue to buy cds. In fact I sold out with ten or so people left. That’s great, CDs sales aren’t great in Britain, so it was really exciting to have that many people coming up to me after the gig.

[phone rings]

That was my brother. I am meeting him in Sydney. I haven’t seen him since Xmas, very exciting. My brother is cool. He’s one of, if not the most, charming likable person I have ever met. Yeah, I know, what happened to me. I know the next few days are going to be very relaxed and fun. I also hope to hook up with my friends Sarah and Van.

In the meantime I’m going to nail the rest of this beer, eat some food and listen to the Mountain Goat’s best of I just made. A lot of time went into this. A lot. I enlisted the help of Tom and Joel. Joel made his own list, mine is bit different, but kudos to him for reminding me about Old College Try and Moon Over Goldsboro. I’m not sure I could live without the Mountain Goats at the moment, it’s certainly the soundtrack to this trip. Current fav is Young Thousands.

Oh, and I should add, for purists, that this is only comprised of tracks from the last five albums, which is when they signed for 4AD and lost the hiss from the recordings. I am mostly ignorant about their early stuff, so if there are any die-hards out there that wanna fill me then please do.

Luke’s Amazing Mountain Goats Best Of

Oceanographer’s Choice Tallahasse
The Young Thousands We Shall All Be Healed
This Year The Sunset Tree
Heretic Pride Heretic Pride
Letter from Belgium We Shall All Be Healed
Southwood Plantation Tallahasse
Moon Over Goldsboro Get Lonely
Up the Wolves The Sunset Tree
Dance Music The Sunset Tree
No Children Tallahasse
Old College Try Tallahasse
Love Love Love The Sunset Tree
Sax Rohmer #1 Heretic Pride

One thought on “Last Post from Adelaide

  1. Thought I’d drop you a line, as I’m sitting in my dressing gown, eating a cheese & onion pastie, and listening to shit 80’s music.
    It made me think of you.

    Glad your big gig went well.
    (Even happier that you got sunburnt)

    They sell Coopers Pale Ale in Dussingdale Sainsbury’s, but it’s a helluva way to go for a mediocre beer.

    I miss you.


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