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I was just about to post a new poem then I realised the syllable count was all out in the first verse (see I’m a proper poet now, innit) so I’ll post that tonight.

I am in the Isle of Man. Have been since Sunday. It’s been a topsy-turvery week. I’ve missed two alarm calls, one plane, one workshop. I’ve watched one live election and one conculsion to a formula one world championship. I’ve danced around a strange living room on my own twice.

I have too much to say to bring this blog up to speed, so I’ll just confine myself to this. It’s been a wonderful week for me over here doing workshops and a wonderful week for the world thanks to the American election result. It’s cheesy to say it but Obama gives me hope, so much hope. I’m going to enjoy watching him go to work.

2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. you are a brill poet and really funny at murrays road isle of man we have put up a disply of the work you done with us and lots of pics of you bye

  2. Hello 😉

    I was at your St. Ninians workshop yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks cause it was really helpful (and enjoyable, which is more than I can say for the A2 poetry anthology…) and inspiring.
    I don’t suppose you’d remember me, but I’m one of those legions of awful Game employees. No, I’m afraid we still don’t have any WiiFit in stock. I apologise.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed your poetry, I promise to use it as a tool to try and get my un literary boyfriend into poetry. I say try…
    Anyway, speak soon 😉

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