Homework's Last Hurrah – This Wednesday

We have reached the end of the second season of HOMEWORK. And we finish with a bang, read very carefully, here comes the blurb:

When the British Council approached stand-up poetry collective Aisle16 wanting to commission a brand new live literature show for a ‘live, appreciative audience’, they jumped at the chance.

After doing a poetry tour of Britain’s motorway service stations and becoming the world’s first poetry boyband, as well as their regular appearances at festivals such as Glastonbury and Latitude, Luke Wright, Joel Stickley, Ross Sutherland and Chris Hicks were used to taking verse to new audiences. But there was a catch.

The show would be at the 2nd Annual Children’s Book Festival in Athens – and the ‘live, appreciative audience’ would be composed entirely of Greek 7-year-olds, who hardly spoke any English at all. Never ones to shy away from a challenge – or money – Aisle16 set about trying to write a new poetry show that could be understood by people who barely speak the language.

The result is The 9½ Commandments Of Aisle16 – a stand-up poetry show featuring fat bullies, God’s rejected fish prototypes, and a portrait of the yeti as a young man.

With support from Tim Clare, Joe Dunthorne and John Osborne, all performing new material, this is the last HOMEWORK of the season. Come along and make it finale to remember!

Wednesday 28 September
HOMEWORK @ The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

44 Pollard Row, London
Doors at 7:30pm, start just after 8:00pm.
And it costs a mere 3 quid.

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