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Last night was the inaugural HOMEWORK event. We had 100 people crammed into the small upstairs room at The Horse & Groom in Shoreditch. You know it’s a good gig when the audience have to sit on the edge of the stage. Everyone performed well and the crowd were particularly lovely to us.

The main event was Aisle16’s Services to Poetry. This is the show we originally wrote for John Betjeman’s centenary. Kind of fitting as Joan Hunter Dunn passed away yesterday. Though she was a fair less bland than Baldock services. We only meant to do this show once but last night was 14th performance of the show (16th if you count the one they did without me in Liverpool and the other one in Liverpool we did without Chris, but I don’t). The show has developed since we first write it, but 70% was written in the car on the trip and 90% was completed within a month of the trip. Given how of the moment it was I think the writing is pretty good. In fact, I think Ross’ Scotch Corner and Chris’ Inconvenience are two of the best poems Aisle16 have ever done, never get bored of hearing them. It was also particularly nice to perform with Joel. He’s kind of the sixth member of the Homework crew, as he’s involved in 2 of 5 shows.

Next up is IT LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE WRITING A LETTER – Ross, Tim and Joe present their own take on the maddness of French literary group Oulipo, performing their excellent univocalisms. It’s frightenly good stuff. See you on 19 June then …

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