Here it rains while we drink

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Another day another downpour. But don’t panic word soldiers, it’s not all doom and gloom here, for while the weather’s got it in for us I’m having a rather splendid time. I’ve had another couple of good reviews.

Fest gave me four stars and said: “Amid the chaos of the festival, Luke Wright is something unique and rather special.”

One4Review gave me FIVE STARS!. They said: “funny, extremely entertaining and masterfully delivered creations from this imposing lad from Colchester.” For “imposing” read “fat.”

Also, I recorded this poem for BBC World Service the other day. This isn’t the BBC recording, obvs. This is just me in my flat feeling a bit tired.

What else? Well, John Osborne got a brilliant FIVE STAR review from The Scotsman, which is the equivalent of winning Edinburgh. The rest of us are just going to go home now. Tim’s currently winning the kool vote in Aisle16 R Kool! He’s ahead 3 to my 2.5 and John’s 1.5. Looks like five star reviews aren’t that kool afterall.

Last night Bryony Kimmings and I were going to have a kebab-off but Arthur Smith got her so pissed on his Pissed Up Chat Show that she looked a bit sad and had to go home. 7 Day Drunk my arse. I’m doing Arthur’s show tomorrow and I’m not expecting to be in much better form. I MUST SLEEP TONIGHT! However, Brigitte Aphrodite is in town and Jozzers and I are going to watch her do her unique brand of shouty pop at Cabaret Voltaire. If you’re in town, I recommend you do the same.

Right then blog fans, I’m orf for a cry. Slaters.

One thought on “Here it rains while we drink

  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! I was sad because I had drunk 9 shots of gin in 1 hour. Not, I must add Arthurs fault so much as my own eagerness to top the breathalyser leader board. Good luck to you on his show. Its Mothers Ruin… well Daughters Ruin in my case. Oh and Luke you are dead when I see you next… “Kebab eating competition leaves Luke Wright dead” will be the headline. FACT.

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