Here comes the sun

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Ok, so I’ll admit, I haven’t opened my curtains yet, but I can just sense the rain has vanished and we’ve got a bit of something resembling summer in Edinburgh today. I think the people here really need a bit of brighter weather. Everyone is moaning about the rain. It’s meant pretty low ticket sales for week one for most shows and a general sense of muddiness.

Yesterday was a bit brighter though and despite  late rain shower the SOLD OUT board was jammed full of names – mine included. The first sell out show of the run is always good for the confidence and I’m rather hoping I’ll repeat the feat again today. I’ve got a good team of flyerers – Matt, Ed & Amy – so I’m pretty sure that with a combination of reviews, sunshine and their patter we can be on that board again.

I went on Arthur Smith’s Pissed-Up Chat Show last night. It was great fun. Arthur Smith has this rare and incredible quality to bring a sense of artiness to even the most artless things. He’s performance artist meets cosy raconteur with an edge of rock n roll comedian thrown in for good measure. A lot of comedy is about making your audience feel like you’re in charge, that you’ve got them safe, with Arthur it’s like being in a panic room, nothing’s going to get us, all we have left to do is laugh. A joy to watch. And a great honour to sit on stage and watch and occasionally chip in.

After Arthur’s we went to Abattoir (not Abbatoir – where you’re played ABBA songs till you die from it) and drank yet more cider. Ross Sutherland was there. Hurray! He’s in town with a game/event/piece of avant garde theatre called HINTERLAND. It’s being run in co-junction with the Forest Fringe, so check it out.

Also, if you want to check stuff out – then try this interview I did with Natasha Tripney (my favourite arts journalist) from Exeunt.

Aaannnnndddd, you know that gig I told you about yesterday? Thursday at The Cow Cafe? Not happening. Alas, I have a prior engagement, but I’m hoping I can do one later in the run. Watch this space.

Finally – I am performing at The Horne Section on Monday night, 11pm The Spiegel Tent. Fun.

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