Government House

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I went to Government House today. The Governor and his wife did an official meet and greet and threw a lunch for about 70 festival artists. I was sat at the centre table with the Governor, his wife, two of the Festival’s main sponsors, the festival director and a charming woman called Kerry Heysen who’s a film producer.

Out of my depth doesn’t come close, but I think I acquitted myself fairly well. I spent most of my time talking to Kerry about films and writing. Everyone was very pleasant actually. It was great to meet Brett, the festival director, as it’s him that got me here in the first place.

The Governor and his wife are coming to my show, in fact, there are about 400 people coming tomorrow night. That’s a pleasant yet very scary thought. I am starting to worry about the translation of my material. Sooz reckoned it was fairly Aussie friendly, but even I am fretting about the translation of the comedy. I know I’ll only enjoy the show if I get that banter going and I think I have to be enjoying the show to really give it my best. Which I am desperate to do I hasten to add. These two days have been the peak of my career I reckon. To be flown over here, sat next to the big time film producers and be given an audience of 400 people is a real sign of belief in what it is I do and I really don’t want to let anyone down.

Still, I am what I am if people don’t like it, sod ’em. Ahh, that’s the spirit. I’ll feel a bit more confident (or not) after tonight. I am doing a 20 minute set at the Persian Gardens at 10pm after an musical performance. They reckon there might be 1000 people there, which I think might be biggest, or at least second biggest audience of my career. Best go get ready, eh?

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