Five Star Fringe

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Yo dudes. I am currently in Edinburgh. Been having a lovely time hanging out with Ross Sutherland. Ross is a very old friend. We started out in poetry together. Now we have very different styles but there is a mutual respect and love between us, both as artists and the best of pals. Our lives and careers mean that we are often on the road, different roads to be more accurate, and we don’t get to hang out that much outside of doing HOMEWORK. It’s been good talking shop, getting misty eyed over old times and talking feverishly about new projects. Our partners would be so bored.

I’m perhaps feeling more misty-eyed than normal because it is ten years, yes TEN YEARS, since my first Fringe run. In that time I have only missed one festival, in 2010. I am now officially a veteran. I have no doubt I will still be doing this at 20 years and 30 years. I love this festival.

I did my first show yesterday and it went really well. I sold about 80, which is more than my capacity was last year. I’m in a 125-seater room this year. I am not expecting to fill it, but if I can get more than half each night I’ll be pleased, especially as I have such a short run and can’t rely on the drip drip drip of good reviews to build me an audience.

Talking of reviews, I have already had THIS ONE from veteran reviewer Martin Walker at Scotsgay. This is the first time Marin has given my solo work 5 stars. I’m delighted.

I’ll write again tomorrow and post a new poem too. But for now, au revoir.

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