First gig

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Tonight I supported drummer Billy Cobham and his band, with included, strangely because I met him in 2005 when I did the BBC Radio 2 cabaret gig, Guy Barker. I did a 20 minute set to promote the big show tomorrow. I was in front of 1500 people at the Persian Gardens. I didn’t really have a chance to get nerve wracked as I only woke up an hour before the gig and it was enough to get my voice warmed up and get down to the venue.

I needn’t have worried though. At first I wasn’t sure as they were such a long way away I couldn’t really respond that well to the laughs, but I got a big laugh for the “where all the other girly boys wrote poetry as well” line and I was away. Sex Butler continues to get better and went down really well today. I may do that one instead of Central Trains. Whatever happens I’m not doing central trains, I was going to be replace it with One Night of Spending, but Sex Butler seemed to go down better, and either could go at that point of the show. I’ll decide tomorrow.

I spent the afternoon at the beach which was gorgeous. I’m fast falling in love with Australia. Beck and her colleagues congratulated me on not being sunburned but I’ve just taken my shirt off and I have a huge butterfly shaped pink patch on my back where I couldn’t reach with the suncream.

I’ve decided to write a poem called: Rotund Englishman Alone At The Beach.

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