February Update

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Stone the crows, where has February gone. I was on a nice little roll before and the. No new poems for a month. Actually, I have written a couple of new ones about Essex but they’re for the next issue of The Rialto so you’ll have to wait.

Instead, I’ve been back on the road in earnest. I’ve done tour gigs in Beccles, Brighton and Diss. I’ve also been to Preston and Sheffield with John Cooper Clarke. I’ve been running in the new stuff alongside poems from Your New Favourite Poet. As it stands my new show, Essex Lion, will feature: Essex Lion, B Movie, The Ballad of Carlos Cutting, Posh Plumber, Houses That Used To Be Boozers, The Ballad of Larner Road. I’m half way through a coming of age/teenage love poem set in Lovejoy land. I’m also planning to end the show on a reprise of Essex Lion, set the day after. There’s also a couple of other ideas I hope to have done by May to throw into the mix. The theme is: “seeing what we want to see”. No idea what conclusions I will draw but I’m not sure I have to draw any, just pose a few questions.

I’ve also had my photos done. A picture of me as the Essex Lion is imminent!

Off touring again today – check the gigs page. I’m heading to the West Country.

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