Edinburgh Report #7

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As Week One draws to a close I thought I’d recap the responses my shows have been getting.


What I Learned From Johnny Bevan is a fantastic debut from a rare poetic talent. At times it feels like a film put to verse. It is a strong and personal story told by an original and absorbing performer.” ★★★★ TV BOMB

On the Road for the Britpop generation … electric.” ★★★★ FEST

“Anyone familiar with Wright’s work will recognise his deft hand in showing the complexities of male relationships …  a political and personal coming-of-age narrative that, while rarely breaking out of a set rhythm and rhyme scheme, still manages to evoke the chaotic passion of awakening.” ★★★★ TIMEOUT

“This is a completely engaging performance which is delivered with an energy both raw and crisp. Wright really commands the space … The tension and experience created by this one man is admirable.” ★★★★ 1/2 TODOLIST

“Sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking, What I Learned From Johnny Bevan is beautifully plotted and completely engaging, reminding us that politics affects everything.” ★★★★ A YOUNGER THEATRE



“Luke is an amazing performer and an excellent writer… The poems are never short of laughs and paint a portrait of a middle class rural England.” ★★★★ TV BOMB

“In actual fact, Wright could just as easily be a stand-up comedian. His preamble before poems is as good as the verse itself; his quick quips, amusing anecdotes and witty gags allow him to quickly build a very strong rapport with us, his chattiness and laid-back confidence making him extremely likeable.” ★★★★ BROADWAY BABY

“Luke Wright delivers up thought-provoking social commentary and rivetingly emotive wordplay, as he uses the minutiae of his life as a stay-at-home dad to put some stereotypes through the wringer. Powerful and poignant, with Wright an engaging presence.” ★★★★ THE DAILY MAIL

“The man and his poetry made me laugh and cry, a difficult balance to achieve and which perhaps come from Wright’s observations of our austere and interesting times.” ★★★★ THE MUMBLE

I also had my first opinion piece published in the Independent. And not just on the site, but in the actual paper too. Hurrah for me!

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  1. Heard you perform at the Museum After Hours event on Friday night and thought you were great. Sadly not able to get to a show this Fringe but will definitely look out for your gigs in future. thanks! (The Essex girl – now based in Yorkshire!)

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