Edinburgh Report #1

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I love this city, it’s rugged and beautiful. If it were an 80s TV star it would be Ian McShane. I’m spending a month in Lovejoy, not bad, eh ladies?

My kids and wife are here with me this week and we’ve been doing full on kid activities before I rush off for techs and get-ins and rehearsals and shows. 

I’ve done two shows of Stay-at-Home Dandy and one of What I Learned From Johnny Bevan. I’ve been pretty happy with all of them. The start of JB was a little grave yesterday but the audience response was good. It’s still quiet in JB but Dandy is already beginning to build audience wise. 

It’s just a waiting game now. Waiting for reviews, for bigger audiences, for potential new work to come out of it. 

My eldest son has had a good time of it. In two days he climbed Arthur’s Seat with me and taught himself to swim! Not bad for a six year old. Maybe that’s the Edinburgh magic. I hope some of it rubs off on me. 

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