Edinburgh (Part Two)

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Two shows down, three to go. I’ve now had three reviews:

Luke Wright – Your New Favourite Poet

“Wright is a rock’n’roll balladeer in scarlet brogues, a performer who wouldn’t look out of place marching with the Chartists, scratching at London’s underworld with Oscar Wilde or doing guest vocals with The Smiths … Rock’n’roll tour de force of performance poetry” * * * * The List

“Politics and poetry collide through crafty wordplay and bombastic delivery. Addictive rhythm, ingenious rhyme.” * * * * Fringe Biscuit

“This evening we are treated to an hour of self penned prose that covers, amongst other topics, Raoul Moat, feminism, The Leveson Inquiry, celebrity and being a ‘Weekday Dad.’ There is much to enjoy here on a superficial comedic level. (Wright’s brand of cheeky stand-up comedy  could be strong enough to carry a show in itself). Wright flirts with various poetic styles and forms, using each to his own ends … Wright could be the love-child of Johnny Clarke and Stewart Lee. Yes, he is that good. This near capacity audience hung on his every word. Buy a ticket to this show immediately.” * * * * * SGFringe

My Twitter feed has also gone mad today after I posted this picture. It’s a list of words Jamie Oliver’s staff have to use when selling specials at his restaurants. It’s real, I assure you, taken by a former waitress. Now, that’s branding! Some people have reacted very angrily. Personally, I’m not sickened. Jamie’s Italian is a theme restaurant really, it’s like an eaterie where all the waiting staff dress up as Elvis or something. Cult of celebrity, innit. Pukka.

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