Edinburgh 4

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My solo run has now finished. Saturday sold out and I also got two five star reviews to add to the four star one I got from Fest.

“Just very, very good.” * * * * * ThreeWeeks

“Here is wit, beauty and unashamed intelligence, in a show which should reap nothing but recommendations.” * * * * * Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“Wright lives up to the claim of being “Britain’s alternative laureate.” * * * * Fest

I had 222 people into see the show over the seven days and broke even for the first time in Edinburgh ever. Of course it does help that the flat was being paid for out of the Who Writes This Crap? budget. But all in all I had a lot of fun and I’m really glad to got to a do a poetry show too.

Who Writes This Crap? continues to go well and sell out. Today’s show was my favourite since last Saturday. My agents were in the audience today so I’m glad they saw a good one.

Joel and I came home and eat pizza and I’ve been in my room since fiddling around on the internet and yawning. I got wankered last night and I’ve been feeling horrid all day. I’m listening to Noah and Whale’s album, it’s a glorious, happy triumph. I can’t recommend it more. It’s kind of like the Moldy Peaches, but with more effort and less crack.

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