Down with Experts

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Michael Gove stated whilst campaigning for Britain’s exit from the EU that British people had had “just about enough of experts.” And indeed he and his co-conspirators relied on rhetoric and downright untruths more than the reasoned advice of those more qualified. With America going to the polls today to choose between a seasoned experienced career politician and billionaire, racist toddler it seems that knowing your shit is no longer a requirement. I’m keen to extend this to all walks of life, why waste years training to be a surgeon? Just grab that scalpel, and yell over and over that you are here to make the patient’s body great again. U-S-A! U-S-A! Wooo yeah!

Down with Experts!

Our screens are full of extroverts
with policies like text alerts
who bang their breasts and then assert:
we’ve had our fill of experts!

Experts with their darn book-learning.
On yer trikes, we’re not for turning!
Universities want burning!
Had our fill of experts!

Ph what? Attention seeker!
Action – that’s what makes a leader!
Careful lads, this one’s a reader!
Had our fill of experts!

Down with experts! Judges too!
Those snooty little proctors!
Those enemies of derring-do
those “lawyers,” “teachers,” “doctors.”

Pretty meme replete with stats:
I bloody knew it, I thought that
Who’s got time to check the facts?
Just tweet it at the experts.

A thought occurred whilst on the bog
rank bigotry through grinding cogs
Just hit CAPSLOCK and do a blog
and you can be the expert!

So shake your fist at ifs and buts!
Let’s take Britannia from her rut
with urges felt in some bloke’s gut
cos we’ve had our fill of experts!

Luke Wright © 2016