Documentary Making #7

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Had a great time in Stroud yesterday. Yvonne and Reg Cobb are lovely people and they have three very adorable children. Why do children always think its ok to hit me with cushions? Not that I really minded, we had fun, but I kids just think I’m a soft touch. I’m going to be so shit a disipline when my own kid arrives.

It was really useful meeting them, I know have a much clearer idea of how to tackle their poem. Translating in BSL isn’t something I can really think about as I don’t know it, but Yvonne said she will help edit the poem so it comes alive visually.

Zara showed me some of the rushes from the first three days of filming. They look great. I’m really excited, it all looks so proper. It’s weird to think it’ll be finished in a month. Exciting.

On the train I managed to write the twenty-something poem. Perhaps a bit premature as we haven’t even got the guy to agree to doing it yet, but I think it’ll happen. I’m really pleased with the poem, it’s funny, which is what this doc really needed.

I’m off to e-mail Yvonne and Reg some questions and then I’ll make a start on their poem tomorrow. Happy days.

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