Documentary Making #5

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Really frustrating day today. Got nothing done, which means I’ll be working on Christmas Eve. Still, in the last half hour I think I’ve had a break through. In my mind, not on paper or anything actually prodcutive like that. Still getting it straight in your mind is 60% of the battle.That was just an arbituary percentage I just made up, but it feel right.

I’ve just seen some stills of the footage from Peggy and James’ shoot. It looks great, they got a really good day for it. Apparantly it was really grey and horrible for the kids’ shoot yesterday, but hey, that’s Britain in December for you. I’m worried about the kids. Because they’re kids there’s is the simplest, least impressive bit of poetry and it’s first up. I hope people stay watching. That said, I have every faith in Zara’s ideas to make it visually interesting and hopefully the basic idea of kids reading poetry to camera will be intersting enough to hook people in. Christ! So much is riding on this project. There’s no wayt I’ll be able to relax this Christmas. This always happens. Joel and I had to write Who Writes This Crap? two Christmasses ago, so I got no time off then either. I could really do with a break as well. I’m fed up and knackered. Poets are supposed to live the life of riley. Boo sucks to work, I say.

Right, best to back to it. Until tomorrow kids.

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