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I’m almost half way through my London run of Cynical Ballads. It’s flying by, which is a shame because I’m really enjoying it. The first couple of shows were a bit hesitant but I’ve hit my stride these past two nights and it’s feeling good.

I’ve had a two reviews thus far. Steve Bennett from Chortle is one of the country’s best known comedy reviewers so I was pleased to get this from him. I was also chuffed with this stunning review from British Theatre Guide.

I was on The Claudia Winkleman Arts Show last night on BBC Radio 2. Listen to it here. I’m about 1h 30mins in.

One thought on “Cynical Ballads reviews

  1. Hello Luke,

    Fast and Furious…..that’s how I remember last Friday night in Leicester Sq.
    I enjoyed every syllable…although even I had difficulty keeping up with you.

    The presentation was great and you were great – and that’s not Irish bullshit.
    I thought it was refreshing and clever.
    You have more than one talent and those talents fuse well into an art form that for me is special….do I sound “corny”.

    I read your collection “High Performance” which gave me further insights.

    Well,that my tuppence worth…you were worth seeing but more importantly…you were worth going to see…and that’s from the heart. Thank you so much for a great evening…..


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