Cynical Ballads at Edinburgh

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I’ll be going back to the Edinburgh Fringe this August. My ninth full month in Edinburgh.

I’m doing two shows. Cynical Ballads at The Underbelly and Aisle16 R Kool! at The Banshee Labyrinth, as part of PBH’s Free Fringe. I’ll post more about the Aisle16 show soon, but for now here’s my poster for Cynical Ballads.


2 thoughts on “Cynical Ballads at Edinburgh

  1. Hi Luke,
    I hope your Cynical Ballads show is received as well in Burghertown as it has been when I’ve seen you at Latitude, and that the Aisle 16 show is as good as the preview we saw in Norwich.
    Tim Clare’s performance in The Model & The Spot was inspired and the venue’s acoustics only increased it’s impact.
    Good Luck fella!

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