Book Festival Review

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Last Friday I did a reading at The Edinburgh International Book Festival. Along with Hay-on-Wye, Edinburgh is the biggest book festival in Britain, so it was a real honour to be asked to read from Mondeo Man there. I split an hour with the excellent Scottish poet Michael Pederson, who is around the same age as me and has just had his first collection published. The event was kind of billed a celebration of the new breed of poet who cut their teeth on stages but who have now captured their work on the page.

I had a great time, we had about 150 people there watching us and both Michael and I were well received. Afterwards we went to the signing tent and did a proper book signing. It’s almost like I’m a real person.

We got this lovely review from Bram Gieben at The Skinny. I’m going to quote a bit because August is ego season round here.

His verses have been tightened and refined, working in strict meter, but using this technical proficiency in the service of a thrilling performance poetry style… Wright perfectly captures the glamourless pulse of mainstream Britain and transforms it into rhythmic, transcendental beauty.

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