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Hurrah for Audlem. It’s a lovely village with a proper centre. The church is on a slight hill overlooking sweet little independent shops and a pub that serves way past my bedtime. The people are very nice too. Seventy of them saw fit to come to my gig, which meant we sold out. Yes, selling out the Audlem Guide and Scout Hall – I’m big time now.

The gig was one of my favourite in a long time. Mainly, I hasten to add, because I was pleased with my performance. I don’t think I fudged a single word in the first half, which is very rare indeed. In the second half I was having so much fun I don’t even remember it, but I felt on good form.

So that’s two brilliant gigs courtesy of the Chesire Rural Touring Arts Scheme. I want to do more of these. Have you got a village hall? If so, let’s do it.

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  1. Hurrah for Luke Wright, bringing wit, wisdom and controversy to rural Cheshire. Best evening’s entertainment in ages- and what’s more you allowed us all to feel a little bit clever. We travelled all the way from Wrenbury to watch ( approx 5 miles.) We have an outsized church too, two pubs and a village hall. I’m sure we could fill it. We have a tradition here of combining with a ” curry” night. What do you think?

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