The second of my “set” shows. There was no real theme to Your New Favourite Poet, but aesthetically it felt cohesive. Written around the time of the Leveson enquiry I found myself thinking a lot about tabloids, the things they do and the way they talk to us. As of now (end of 2013) I’m still performing many of these poems in sets.

Expect thigh-slapping acerbic wordplay and bawdy bar room ballads as Wright introduces you to a cast of greedy politicians and boozy ne’er-do-wells. Meet Jeremy, the public schoolboy who draws penises on everything; kung-fu fighting French copper Jean-Claude Gendarme; and witness the world’s first b-movie set in Brentwood.

“Wright is a rock’n’roll balladeer in scarlet brogues, a performer who wouldn’t look out of place marching with the Chartists, scratching at London’s underworld with Oscar Wilde or doing guest vocals with The Smiths … Rock’n’roll tour de force of performance poetry” * * * * The List

“Politics and poetry collide through crafty wordplay and bombastic delivery. Addictive rhythm, ingenious rhyme.” * * * * Fringe Biscuit

“This evening we are treated to an hour of self penned prose that covers, amongst other topics, Raoul Moat, feminism, The Leveson Inquiry, celebrity and being a ‘Weekday Dad.’ There is much to enjoy here on a superficial comedic level. (Wright’s brand of cheeky stand-up comedy could be strong enough to carry a show in itself). Wright flirts with various poetic styles and forms, using each to his own ends … Wright could be the love-child of Johnny Clarke and Stewart Lee. Yes, he is that good. This near capacity audience hung on his every word. Buy a ticket to this show immediately.” * * * * * SGFringe

“An assured performer, Wright walks a dangerously thin line between politically weighty poetry and observational stand-up but emerges completely unscathed, with his show ultimately begging the question: why aren’t all poets this funny, or if you prefer, why don’t all comedians have this social conscience?” * * * * Broadway Baby

“Wright’s been performing at Edinburgh for ten years and it shows in the full-tilt energy and confidence of his performance, and in material which, while playing with poetic form and metre, is also some of the funniest and most incisive writing you’ll see on the Fringe, regardless of category.” * * * * Exeunt

Written by Luke Wright | 55 mins | Photography by Martin Figura