“Starched cravat and vampish slap / Stay-at-Home Dandy – what a chap!”

Decadent boozehound Luke Wright would love to spend his life flouncing around looking fabulous, but back in suburbia he’s got two kids to drag-up. Enough naval-gazing then, other people can be magic.

There’s comedy on the school run; tragedy in the offy; hearts breaking behind tasteful curtains. Wright presents captivating stories in visceral verse of ordinary people having extraordinary moments. Poems that get you in the gut.

“His lexical acrobatics are astounding, often motor-mouthed and breathtakingly honest…Go for the wordsmithery, stay for the painful poignancy.” The List

“Wright perfectly captures the glamourless pulse of mainstream Britain and transforms it into rhythmic, transcendental beauty…Quite simply, this is the future of popular poetry.” The Skinny