Luke Wright’s Silver Jubilee
June 17, 2023
6:15 pm
First Light

Crack out the bunting! Someone you’ve barely heard of has been doing something you’re scarcely aware of for a reasonably long time.

Award-winning poet Luke Wright tries to celebrate his 25 years of service on the literary frontline but ends up taking a deep dive into himself and the England that raised him.

New poems on class, consumption and love through the lens of his experience as an adopted person. Expect big glittering show pieces alongside some more tender tear-jerkers, all of it from the pen of a man hardened by a quarter of a century spent writing about himself in the third person.

Free Show! Part of First Light Festival.

“His performances rumble with rage, passion and humour.” Guardian

“He must be on some kind of dope” John Cooper Clarke

“Cool Poems” Patti Smith

“Luke is on fire! A poetic interrogation of himself, who he is and where he is from that leaves you tenderised and bruised and with a little something in your eye.” Mark Thomas

“Fierce, wistful, romantic and witty. A sensational hour.” ★★★★★ Stage

“Curiously classless, perfectly placed to dissect the dreams of the British nation. His lexical acrobatics are astounding, often motor-mouthed and breathtakingly honest.” ★★★★★ The List

“One of the funniest and most brilliant poets of his generation.” Independent

“Visceral, Poignant and riotously funny” ★★★★★ Scotsman