Joel and I cut our teeth with Aisle16, it seemed natural to make a show out of the book we had written. Somewhere between live literature and comedy the show sold out completely at Edinburgh in 2008 and we even did a little tour in 2009. I felt like it was a solidly written piece of work but beyond me as a performer. I loved working with Joel but taking a year off doing poetry made me realised that doing poetry was what I really wanted to be doing, for now, anyway.


All the rubbish you read in a day rewritten. Adverts, newspapers, small print, spam – bad writing attacks us everyday. Let’s fight back. Starring Fringe favourite Luke Wright (Poet Laureate, Poet & Man) and Aisle16’s Joel Stickley (Poetry Boyband) Who Writes This Crap? features all the best material from the book, interspersed with lectures on the rudiments of bad writing and slickly held together with animation from award winning film maker Jon Dunleavy.


“A cathartic, sarcastic relief.” * * * * The List

“Effortless satire … humour for everyone.” * * * * ThreeWeeks

“This is intelligent writing that plays out like a live-action version of Naomi Klein’s ‘No-Logo’ filtered through the sensibilities of Chris Morris.” * * * * BroadwayBaby.com

“But by far the show’s coup de grâce, however, is its recognition that such crimes against language are not restricted to the bored employees of ad agencies but—as selected readings from a 14-year-old Luke Wright’s diaries adequately prove—to anyone who puts pen to paper. In an unexpected twist, the imperfections, even misdirections of language, for Stickley and Wright, become less expressions of manipulation and limitation, but of human beings’ unflappable desire to communicate. Their critiques of the vacuous language we all use are scathing, but sympathetic. Who writes this crap? Well, people like me, really, and, tonight at least, I’m rather happy to do so.” * * * * Fest