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My name is Luke Wright (as should be apparent). I’m a poet and sometime broadcaster. Every year I write a new poetry stage show and schlep it around arts centres, theatres, pubs and festivals. Not, as some claim, because I’m “committed to taking poetry to the people” but because it pays my mortgage. And I love it.

I’m currently showing at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival with TWO SHOWS. Stay-at-Home Dandy is my latest batch of poems. You can catch that at The Underbelly 6-30 August.  What I Learned From Johnny Bevan is my theatre debut, a poetic monologue scored on scratchy indie guitars. Catch it at Summerhall 7-30 August. Click the links in the side bar to BOOK TICKETS.

In the past my shows have sold out Edinburgh Fringe runs, toured to Australia, China and Europe and got five star reviews from the likes of The Scotsman and The List.

If you want more of these self-aggranising accolades have at look at the bio section. New poems and news get posted on the Blog. Or simply go nowhere and have listen to a thing I done:

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