My first solo show. Unlike my later shows, it felt more like a comedy lecture (with poems, of course). It feels like it was written by someone else and I have disowned (or majorly re-written) the poems in it, but I proud of some of the jokes. I remember working on it everyday through the winter of 2005/6, it gave me a work ethic that I still stick to, it made me a professional. It debuted at 2006 Edinburgh Fringe to really good reviews before touring throughout the first half of 2006.


Aisle16’s Luke Wright seeks poetry’s top job. Rates negotiable. Has own quill. NB: Won’t write about Royal Family.

With Andrew “perpetual” Motion’s term as Poet Laureate soon drawing to a close, Luke sharpens his quill to make a bid for poetry’s top job and a nice comfy Palace sofa. With such titles as I Don’t Get Out Of Bed For Less Than Ten Grand, and his love poem for Richard Madeley: Truly Madeley Deeply, total acceptance by the British establishment is only a matter of time.

“Wright has surely got the rhyme and reason to take the art form to previously unchartered heights. This is as well-conceived a comedy show as you will see.” * * * * * THE HERALD

“A very good poet indeed.” THE GUARDIAN

“Alternately dark, hilarious and tender poems. In his super-charged show, he demonstrates what – stripped of the portentous pauses and the pretentious clauses – live poetry can do.” THE EVENING STANDARD

“The meat of the show is a showcase of Wright’s poetry, expertly crafted and superbly performed. And if that wasn’t enough it’s accompanied by some very funny and sometimes disturbing visuals.” * * * * CHORTLE.CO.UK

“Wright has wit and opinions, he can craft them into stanzas with rhyme and scan and make you laugh not just at his jokes but at the dexterity he puts together the nuts and bolts of the English language … His satire works because he also believes in things: justice; honesty; above all the power of the poem.” * * * * THE SCOTSMAN

“I love Luke Wright, Poet Laureate. Somebody, please – buy Elizabeth Windsor a ticket and tell her to look no further when Motion motions to leave.” Johann Hari, THE INDEPENDENT

“Luke Wright should be been nominated for an award or two.” THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

“If poetry is the new rock n roll then Luke Wright must be a less female version of Lily Allen… Wright has both funny bones and lyrical veins.” * * * * THE LIST

“Dazzingly flowing three minute pun trips.” * * * * METRO

“Clearly a record deal with EMI is not far off.” * * * * SKINNYFEST

“The London Olympics, ex smokers, his love for Richard Madeley, the furniture of Ikea… Luke Wright’s has an exceedingly sharp satirical tongue. His slightly self- deprecating poem about refusing to get out of bed for ‘less than ten grand’ was another highlight.” * * * * SCOTSGAY

“He gives 100% to his performance, with no pretence of cool or that he’s the next Mike Skinner or Roger McGough, although he could easily be compared to both.” * * * * * THREEWEEKS