Creating my second show was a slog, so I didn’t set myself any targets for 2008. I knew I was doing a Edinburgh run of Who Writes This Crap? with Joel Stickley, so my plan was to just do a short run of a poetry set. I didn’t expect to write an entirely new hour but in the end I only repeated one poem from previous years and left Edinburgh with some of my best reviews yet. I did a short but fun tour the next year. Looking back on it I wasn’t quite ready to do an unthemed hour, at times the chat was a little flabby but it taught me that poetry was enough, that I didn’t need to force a bit concept on the show for audiences to enjoy it.


Purchasing hairspray, choosing a belt,
waiting for cheese on toast to melt
and daytime TV doesn’t watch itself.
A poet’s work is never done.

A Poet’s Work is Never Done is Wright’s third consecutive Edinburgh Fringe show and the most poetry-packed to date. Working without the constraints of a theme Wright offers us ten new poems, all written since last year’s festival. Follow Camping Dad on his “perpetual tow,” do meths with Cool Mum and meet Wright’s Sex Butler.

“Performance poetry’s key revivalist.” Metro

“The hard working heir to John Hegley.” The Guardian

“Just very, very good.” * * * * * ThreeWeeks

“Here is wit, beauty and unashamed intelligence, in a show which should reap nothing but recommendations.” * * * * * Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“Wright lives up to the claim of being “Britain’s alternative laureate.” * * * * Fest